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Conference Room (large)

The Conference Room, which is used for conferences, lectures, meetings, etc., is provided with desks and chairs. It enjoys a good view of the port of Yokohama. There is also another smaller room which can be used as an extension to the main conference room. (as on main page http://www.kanagawa-kenminhall.com/english/).

Conference Room(large)

Desk and chair arrangement (capacity: 240 people)

screen height 2.4 m × width 2.9 m
podium height 0.12 m × width 3.0 m × depth 1.9 m
2 microphones (wired), whiteboard, hustings, etc.
3 microphones (wireless), tape recorder, CD player, LCD projector, slide projector, OHP.

Conference Room (small)

Conference Room (small)

Conference Room (small) can only be reserved in combination with the regular (large) conference room. This can be used by 24 people. The size of the room is 7.5 m x 8.7 m.

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