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Main Hall


The Main Hall is a fully-equipped, multipurpose theatre with a wide stage. It can be used for large-scale performances such as opera, ballet and popular musical concerts etc. as well as other kinds of events, such as conferences and ceremonies. (as on main page http://www.kanagawa-kenminhall.com/english/).

Stage Proscenium theatre
Size of the stage Width 20 m, height 10 m, depth 18 m, total area including orchestra pit 1,337 m2
Flies height 24 m, stage basement 6.45 m Orchestra pit 126 m2 (holds approximately 100 players) For stage plan, click here.
Stage facilities Two thrust stages, orchestra pit, adjustable acoustic cloud, 21 battens, audio and lighting equipment
Reverberation time 1.8 seconds (no audience) 1.6 seconds (full audience)
Backstage 8 dressing rooms
Rehearsal room (one) size 14 m x 10 m


Capacity 2493 people
  Number of seats Seats for wheelchair users Standing room
First floor 1,509 6(10 ancillary seats) 50
Second floor 304 - -
Third floor 620 - -
Total 2,433 - -

If the orchestra pit is in use, the total number of seats will be reduced by 190.
If a helper is seated next to each wheelchair user, the number of the seats for wheelchair users will be reduced by 4. On the first floor, 26 ordinary seats can be removed to make an additional 8 seats for wheelchair users.

Seat plan and views of the stage

the view of the stage from each spot

Click to check out the views of the stage from each spot.

Distance to the stage:
32 m from the end of the row of the 1st floor,
33 m from the end of the row of the 2nd floor,
36 m from the end of the row of the 3rd floor
Inquiry Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, Hall section
TEL 045 662 5901(9:00-17:00)
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