かたちのことば ことばのかたち ミヤケマイ×華雪 神奈川県民ホールギャラリー


“What things are really important?”

This question often came up during the coronavirus pandemic, as so many of our priorities and values underwent a drastic change. In the past, I was afraid that I might be forgetting something important as I obsessed over routine concerns, but the pandemic provided me with a chance to stop and think. As I was reconsidering my everyday life, my family, and other things, I was also thinking about planning this exhibition. I came up with the idea of making an exhibition that would send a message to others who had also stopped and thought about things.

Words are tools that we use to tell stories, convey information, and think. However, we harbor the fear that we cannot translate our emotions into words, and art expresses this fear in a variety of ways.

While exploring the power of language, and the forms that cannot be expressed in words, this exhibition focuses on two artists responses to the question at the top of the page.

Miyake Mai fuses traditional Japanese aesthetics and craft techniques with a contemporary approach. Based on the Japanese art format of calligraphy, Miyake has created a world out of “things that can be expressed through language and things that cannot.” She searches for the silent voices of history and culture in the places where her works are being shown, and by combining them with a given concept or exhibit, she develops site-specific works in each area. In this exhibition, Miyake has set herself the challenge of making a large-scale installation that deals with ships and water – subjects that are well-suited to the Kanagawa Prefectural Hall, located as it is in a port town that is connected to the wider world. Miyake takes a serious look at issues such as what it means to “understand,” and the things that people accept and reject.

Meanwhile, Kasetsu explores the relationships between nature and people based on the composition of kanji, a writing system that was created by the ancients, and expresses these things through the calligraphic image
of a single character. Kasetsu also weaves the kanji into a text in which she reflects on the connection between the character and herself as someone living in the contemporary era, creating an installation out of calligraphy and the written word. In this exhibition, Kasetsu uses the kanji ki (tree) as a means of reconsidering the fundamental human emotion of awe in regard to nature, while making work that deals with the human act of extracting words from the depth of their spirit and writing them.

In addition to showing their works at art festivals, and solo and group exhibitions throughout the country, Miyake Mai and Kasetsu are active as writers. Although they work in similar fields, this exhibition marks the first time that the two artists have actually crossed paths. Like the yin and yang in Eastern thought, or two sides of the same coin, the relationship between light and shadow in words emerges here as a single world, ceaselessly flowing and assuming different forms.

Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery


美術家 ミヤケマイ


Mai Miyake

日本の伝統的な美術や工芸の繊細さや奥深さに独自の視点を加え、 過去・現在・未来をシームレスにつなげながら、 物事の本質や表現の普遍性を問う作品を制作。
媒体を問わない表現方法を用いて骨董・工芸・現代美術・デザイン、文芸など、既存の狭苦しい区分を飛び越え、 日本美術の文脈を独自の解釈と視点で伝統と革新の間を天衣無縫に往還。展覧会、ワークショップなど多数。「蝙蝠」(2017年)など4冊の作品集がある。京都芸術大学(旧京都造形芸術大学)特任教授。

Imbued with her unique view of the delicacy and depth of traditional Japanese art and crafts, Miyake’s works question the essence of things and the universality of expression while seamlessly combining the past, present, and future. Employing a diverse range of expressive methods irrespective of the medium, Miyake transcends narrowly defined categories, such as antiques, crafts, contemporary art, design, and literature, and moves effortlessly back and forth between tradition and innovation by means of a singular interpretation and perspective on the Japanese art context. Miyake has held numerous exhibitions and workshops. Her published works include a four-volume collection of works titled Everybody’s Girl Is Nobody’s Girl (2017). Miyake is also a specially appointed professor at Kyoto University of the Arts (formerly, Kyoto University of Art and Design).

ミヤケマイ インタビュー
ミヤケマイ≪オラクル≫ 2014年/Photo : Satoshi Shigeta

◀ ミヤケマイ≪オラクル≫ 2014年/
Photo : Satoshi Shigeta

▲ミヤケマイ≪オラクル≫ 2014年/Photo : Satoshi Shigeta

ミヤケマイ≪天の配剤≫ 2020年 /Photo : Satoshi Shigeta

ミヤケマイ≪天の配剤≫ 2020年 /
Photo : Satoshi Shigeta ▶

▲ミヤケマイ≪天の配剤≫ 2020年 / Photo : Satoshi Shigeta

書家 華雪



1975年、京都府生まれ。幼い頃に漢文学者・白川静の漢字字典に触れたことで漢字のなりたちや意味に興味を持ち、文字の成り立ちを綿密にリサーチし、現代の事象との交錯を漢字一文字として表現する作品づくりに取り組むほか、文字を使った表現の可能性を探ることを主題に、国内外でワークショップを開催。刊行物に『ATO跡』(between the books)、『書の棲処』(赤々舎)など。『コレクション 戦争×文学』(集英社)をはじめ書籍の題字なども多く手掛ける。

Born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1975. Kasetsu developed an interest in the origins and meaning of kanji characters as a child after discovering the Chinese literary scholar Shirakawa Shizuka’s kanji dictionary. After carefully studying the composition of the characters, Kasetsu began making works in which she expresses contemporary concerns through a single kanji. She also holds workshops, both in Japan and abroad, based on exploring the potential of written expressions. Kasetsu’s published works include ATO (between the books) and A Dwelling for Writing (akaaka). She has also created calligraphy for many books, including Collection: War & Literature (Shueisha).

華雪 インタビュー
華雪≪花≫ 2016年/Photo : KABO

◀︎ 華雪≪花≫ 2016年/Photo : KABO

▲華雪≪花≫ 2016年/Photo : KABO

華雪≪木≫ 2017年 ヴァンジ彫刻庭園美術館蔵 /Photo : Kenji Takahashi

華雪≪木≫ 2017年 ヴァンジ彫刻庭園美術館蔵 /
Photo : Kenji Takahashi ▶︎

▲華雪≪木≫ 2017年 ヴァンジ彫刻庭園美術館蔵
/ Photo : Kenji Takahashi


神奈川県民ホール2021年度企画展 ミヤケマイ×華雪
ことばのかたち かたちのことば Mai Miyake & Kasetsu:
The Shapes of Words, The Words of Shapes

Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery

横浜市中区山下町3-1 Tel. 045-662-5901(代表)
Yamashita-Cho 3-1, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0023
Tel. +81-(0)45-662-5901
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2021/12/20 (月)~2022/1/29(土) 
20 Dec. Mon. 2021 – 29 Jan. Sat. 2022
Tickets available until 30 minutes before closing.
毎週木曜日、12/28(火)、年末年始 2021/12/30(木)~2022/1/4(火)
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*Free for under High School Students
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PR Movie




12/25(土) 13:30より約15分間
石引康子 プロフィール


Yasuko Ishibiki



Live Performance

25 Dec. Sat., 13:30-13:45 at Gallery
Installation art: Mai Miyake
Kigo (Calligraphy): Kasetsu
Biwa performance: Yasuko Ishibiki
* No reservation required.
* Visitors may need to wait to enter in order to prevent overcrowding.


Yasuko Ishibiki

Live Performance

25 Dec. Sat., 13:30-13:45 at Gallery
Installation art: Mai Miyake
Kigo (Calligraphy): Kasetsu
Biwa performance: Yasuko Ishibiki
* No reservation required.



12/25(土) 14:30–16:30
ミヤケマイ  華雪
片桐功敦(華道家) プロフィール


Atsunobu Katagiri

1973年大阪生まれ。華道家。1997年花道みささぎ流の家元を襲名。伝統のいけばなから現代美術的なアプローチまで幅広い制作スタイルを展開、異分野の作家とのコラボレーションなど多岐にわたる活動を続けている。出版に写真集『Sacrifice─未来に捧ぐ、再生のいけばな』(青幻舎 2015)などがある。近年の展覧会にヴァンクリーフ&アーペルとコラボレーションした「LIGHT OF FLOWERS ハナの光」(代官山T-SITE GARDEN GALLERY 2021)、国際写真展「KYOTOGRAPHIE」(二条城 2021)他。

150人  定員に達し次第、受付終了いたします。

Artists’ Talk

25 Dec. Sat., 14:30-16:30 at Main conference room (6F)
Speakers: Mai Miyake, Kasetsu and Atsunobu Katagiri (Ikebana artist)
Reservation Form
*Maximum of 150 people.


Atsunobu Katagiri

Artists’ Talk

25 Dec. Sat., 14:30-16:30 at Main conference room (6F)
Speakers: Mai Miyake, Kasetsu and Atsunobu Katagiri (Ikebana artist)
Reservation Form
*Maximum of 150 people.


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